Company Profile

Unlike the other curtain shops in town, we are relatively flexible in meeting our customer's requirements. We do not have a shop; however, we have lots of customers as they do not like shopping around. Quality products, workmanship, warranty, after-sales services and fidelity are the things that they need.

Indeed, our shop is just besides you if you have a telephone or you can use the following methods to connect to us (i.e. this company website, emails, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram). Simply let us know your requirements and a brief introduction of the windows or the materials you like, we think we would be able to give you advices as we believe we have gained so much experience in this industry. Therefore, you do not even have to hire a designer to dress the windows for you. You will also save a lot of your valuable time if you use these methods to make your window blinds and curtain. For your information, we have been servicing a number of expatriates / multinational officials since we have moved from our shop in Queen's Road East to our office in Kwai Fong, New Territories.

Indeed, we have received continuous supports and referrals from them because we are dedicated to this business which provides an alternative to them to:

- find the right materials which meet their requirements and budgets

- get the materials timely completed and installed to meet customer's schedule,

- take care of the items completed during the period when warranty applies,

- to provide temporary window coverings if needed.

Therefore, we must be the right choice of your window curtain supplier because we are not only the professional in the design, sourcing and manufacturing of window curtains; we are also excel in installing the blinds of every type for every window.

Our experienced staff will assist you in satisfying your needs and materializing your requirement with the use of various types of blinds and curtain, which are characterised by different specifications, appearance and cultures. No matter it is of the East meets the West or the West meets the East style or a fusion of East and West; we think we can work it out for you.

Should your home be designed in a classic, elegant or sumptuous style, we are confident that we will have the right kind of quality material, workmanship and service which will fit your distinct character and taste for an ideal dream home.

In addition to window blinds for home uses, we will also work with designers or contractors to complete their projects in offices, restaurants and clubs in accordance with the perspectives by supplying the appropriate types of blinds for their respective clients. 

As you may understand, rental is high here and you may not be able to find cost effective products and services locally, Please try to contact us to see if we can help:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Google +: "New Concord Enterprise Co."





Our Operation:

These are the steps or procedures so far we have adopted to provide the services which will our customers’ requirements.

1.      Customers will be able to contact us by means of phone calls, emails, SMS and other online messaging systems or personal visit to our office.

2.      We will have a brief introduction of our company to our customers and at the same time, we will also communicate with them to understand in details his / her needs.

3.      Please allow us to have as much information as possible as the more of which we have, the more we will understand in terms of: the material you actually want, the design and pattern in which you are interested, the date and time of installation that will meet your schedule and the amount in which you would like to spend on this project / job.

4.      Normally, we will conduct an onsite measurement of the windows in the premises. We will also bring the physical samples or pictures / trade catalogue of the blinds or curtains in which customer is interested. In some cases, technicians or handyman will accompany us to conduct the site visit so as to provide their professional ideas in the making or installing the blinds / curtains.

5.      We will therefore summarize the needs and also check the availability of the stocks before finalizing it with a quotation.

6.      Customers can accept or reject the quotation; or they will let us amend the quotation based on their ideas or suggestions.

7.      If customers accept the quotation, we may ask for a deposit which will not exceed 30% of the total cost of the project; of course, in some cases, we may waive the deposit if there have been proven records that the customer is a trustworthy person.

8.      We will mention to every customer the time needed for the completion of the materials and we will also notify our customer the exact date and time of the installation or delivery if needed (i.e. at least 48 hours before the installation or delivery).

9.      We will endeavor to provide a free of charge on site measurement and its subsequent quotation as this forms an integral part of our service provided to every customer of ours; however, we will reserve our rights to charge them the cost of such service should this has been misused / overused.

10.  We are particularly concerned with the quality of the materials that we have provided to our customers. There are limited warranties for any type of material offered to the customers. We will accept, replace, remake, repair any item or even refund when the materials are found not qualified, fitted or appropriate to be installed or delivered to our customer. We will absorb the costs thereby incurred; however, as far as refund is concerned, costs that have been consumed (i.e. installation, delivery, examination, travelling, etc.) will not be accounted for.   


Privacy Policy

Our Pledge:

We pledge to meet fully, and wherever possible exceed, internationally recognizable standards of personal data privacy protection with respect to the data collected from the system and /or our daily operation. In compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong), we will ensure full implementation of it.

Usage of Information Collected:

The information collected from the system and / or our daily operation is strictly for the uses of possible follow up actions in order to meet the customer requirement in the ordering, inventory checking, payment processing and delivery of the merchandises. There will be no transfer, selling or buying of the personal data collected in this system.