Blog Entry 1

Thanks for reading this blog; we try to use it to provide our customers with the following: 

1.      How best to use blinds and curtain in your home, offices or factories to meet your requirements and budgets; 

2.      The experience that we gained from working with our customer;

3.      The information needed to make window curtain / blinds;

4.      The up to date technology in this industry for your easy understanding.  

Sometimes, customers would like to make one wide piece of roller blind to cover the window; it is a good idea as a single piece of the blind will look nice. However, there are limitations such as the width of the fabric of the blind, the weight of the blind and also the room for installation, etc, to be considered. ( Jun 17 2013)

We have to tailor make the curtain and blind as per customers’ windows; usually, it will take about 5 to 7 working days to complete the job for our customers. However, the exact time needed will be dependent on such factors as, stock availability,  number of pieces of the fabrics / blinds to be made and time of delivery. Generally speaking, it will be more time consuming to sew the fabrics (i.e. fabric roman blinds) than that used in making the blinds. (Nov 5 2013)

Usually, we need to drill holes in order to install the blinds / curtain rails; it is not always that there will be sufficient spaces under the beam where we can drill holes; we need to make sure that the concrete will not crack when the drill head hits it. (Nov 5 2013)

We have experienced the movement of a berthed boat; which shook and made the blinds swing – this was because we can see the blades of the wooden blinds swing when we install the blinds on a boat berthed at Discovery Bay Marina.( Dec 6 2013)

We will be in spring very soon. This time of the year is very humid and usually we will need two or three more days to let the paint of the wooden venetian blinds dry before the installation. Recently, there has been a trend that customers would like the wooden blinds less as some think that is not that environmental friendly. In fact, some customer would prefer the contemporary one – the roller blind. (Mar 1 2014) 

As far as the roller blind is concerned, technically there is an allowance on each side so that the fabric can move freely when rolled up or down. Therefore, there will be gaps found between the fabric and the wall. This gap will appear to be bigger when the window is too wide to be covered by one piece; or when two roller blinds are installed at an angle (i.e. small side window or corner windows). (Mar 15 2014)


Recently we have had customers ordering wooden venetian blinds and use them on their boats. We also noted that they like the biggest one, two inches or 50mm wide; they also like to use ribbon / tape; which is good at holding the heavy blind and will thus be more durable; some said that by so doing; they would be able to use the wooden blinds for more than ten years. Indeed, if parts are available, every faulty part can be replaced to extend the serviceable life of the wooden blind. (Mar 18 2014)

This time every year, we have customers asking us to make sunblocking curtain for them as their babies wake up every early in the morning. As spring and summer is coming, the sun rises around 5:00am; babies are very sensitive to sunlight and will wake up and cry. (May 21 2014)

We will offer free window measurement if deemed necessary by customers. However, this free window measurement service will not cover outlying islands or location which is not accessible by public transport. The data of the window measurement will be the guideline which outlines how the job will be completed by us. It is also a practice in this industry that we will not disclose the data to anyone. (Jun 30 2014)

Sometimes, upon our customer’s request, we will use packed IKEA fabric and alter them to be used on curtain rail.  We need to trim the header if it has been fitted with rings; by so doing, the maximum length of the fabric will be less than 2.5M. (Jul 8 2014).

We will help customers to relocate their blinds and curtains when they move from one place to another; usually, it will be technical feasible to make the curtain / blind shorter and smaller if they have the new windows smaller than the old ones. However, if the new windows are bigger in size, we may be able to reuse the existing materials of the curtain / blind together with a new border so as to make in fitted for the new windows. (Mar 23 2015.)

Let us talk about accessories / parts in installing curtain rails or window blinds. Indeed, different manufacturers will have their designs and sometimes they are not interchangeable. Thanks to our collections of parts of different manufacturers; we were able to reuse / relocate customers’ window blinds and curtain rails. (Mar 27 2015)



Bamboo blinds are popular in summer times; however, the supply of bamboo blinds has been unstable so far this year. It is a good choice for somebody who will use bamboo ones outdoors (i.e. balcony) as they can stand for strong sunlight and some rainwater.  However, nowadays, people would like to use roller blinds (i.e. sunscreen ones / sunblocking ones) indoors. (Jun 2 2015)

Summer is coming; if you do not want to use your air conditioner so much, you may try to use double rails (i.e. one rail is used for sheer curtain whereas the other is used by the fabric curtain. As there are spaces between two layers of the curtains; the air in between becomes a good insulator which will stop the heat from coming in. (Jun 8 2015)

Besides window blinds, there are window films which will provide you with protection from sunlight, UV and heat. However, unlike the blinds, window film is used to affix to the window. (Jun 11 2015)

We always heard that customers would like to go to Shenzhen to source their curtains / blinds. Words of advices for so doing are: are you sure the measurement of the windows; the quality of materials and workmanship; the installation and delivery and the after sales services. (Jul 11 2015)